SeGuard 2.1 - Automatic Blackhole and SYN check technology

SeFlow, a leading italian company in IT security announces release of SeGuard ™ 2.1, the lucky DDoS Mitigation tool.

We introduced automatic blackholing. Black hole filtering refers specifically to dropping packets at the routing level, usually using a routing protocol to implement the filtering on several routers at once, often dynamically to respond quickly to distributed denial-of-service attacks. Result is that IP will be not accessible for 60 minutes. All other IP on server will stay online. When our software detects attacks over 10Gbi/s (except for protection with more mitigation power), in order to protect the server, we setup an automatic blackholing for 60 minutes and an email inform you. After 60 minutes we remove blackhole and software check new attack size. This system allows to avoid the ’manual operator work’ and decrease  blackholing time from 24 hours to 60 minutes.

We developed  new technology for SYN flood attacks, called SYN check technology. Our monitor detects, using a mix of innovative algorithms and know patterns, SYN attacks to any SeFlow IP address and applying filtering rules. Is a very revolutionary technology because, as all other provider, we do not apply rate limiting. The SYN check technology was activated some days ago and we had 100% success rate. Avesome!

Several other features was introduced with SeGuard ™ 2.1.

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