SeGuard 2.0 - GeoIP and Instant protection Technology

SeFlow, a leading italian company in IT security announces release of SeGuard ™ 2.0, the lucky DDoS Mitigation tool.

In this major release we entirely rewritten sensors code. Now filters will be activated within 5 seconds (previous 180 seconds). 
We upgraded DDoS appliance uplink to 40Gbps, that permit us to mitigate multiple concurrent ddos attack without lag or packet loss.

We monitored source country attack and found that major botnet come from China and U.S.. With SeGuard™ 2.0 we introduced GeoIP technology.

DDos Source country graph:

Attacks can be hard limited blocking some countries from our network. We decided to block (only when filters are active) China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand.

We can also customize country access for every customer. If all your customer come from netherland you can ask seflow to enable only netherlands ip or simply block only brazilian IP if attack come from this country.

SeGuard™ 2.0 is now ready to be new standard leading in DDoS mitigation!

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