- 5000 server!!! Let Pamper from SeGuard. Scheduled Maintenance on 6 February 2013

Dear Customer,
                  2 months ago we released first stable SeGuard version. It is a security tool, mix of commercial products, talent and SeFlow experience able to protect you from DoS, DDoS, DrDoS, TCP, UDP flood, SYN flood, and many others attacks. First in Italy, SeGuard has since undergone daily updates and now we’re ready to protect more than 5000 servers. Various sensors, including the most important on the edge routers, analyze traffic and if an anomalies is found, redirect the IP to our filters. Filters are a cluster that can absorb up to 10Gbi/s for single anomaly and up to 40Gbi/s total traffic. Traffic will be analyzed, cleaned and injected into the network.

In this first phase we will protect you forl layer 3 and 4, (DoS, DDoS, DrDoS, TCP, UDP flood, SYN flood, etc..) attacks. In next releases we will filter layer 7 attacks by analyzing individual pattern and filtering sql injection, known worms and much more.

In full SeFlow philosophy, SeGuard will be free for protection up to 500Mbps. You can ask for upgrade to 1Gbps, 2Gbps, 3Gbps and so on, up to 10Gbps. We will install filters on 6 February,Wednesday at approximately 23:30 and will cause 15 minutes downtime. When network come online all new orders and already active servers will be protected up to 500Mbps for free. 

We decided to upgrade our Uplinks. In the coming weeks, as promised by the roadmap sent in December, we will perform an upgrade MIX (Milan Internet Exchange) to 10Gbps and  we will add an additional 10Gbps CogentCo link, reaching 52 Gbps total capacity. These upgrades will not cause additional downtime, but will be totally transparent.

I want personally thank you for allowing us to reach this remarkable number considering that in 2004 SeFlow was born with a base of 6 servers. I’m sure that SeGuard become an important partner of your business. The next step is to reach 10,000 servers in the next 3 years.

I would like to leave with a small nerd test. Who can tell me what was photographed here? Perhaps a new product launch next?


Matteo Berlonghi
Chief Technical Officer

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