Planned Maintenance on 3 December 2012


Dear Customer,

as announced in the previous email, seflow is strictly committed to create first class italian network to offer the best possible service. Are some days that we’ re working to expand our internal links on top rack switch to 20Gbi/s. On Monday we will complete the drafting of the second network with four new Cisco Nexus 7000 as distribution switch. Monday, December 3, from 23.00 P.M. we will switchoff the old network and activate the new links. During the work we eill experience only 7 minutes downtimes (We will upgrade edge routers firmware and reload them). Our lab tests confirm that the restart time is 7 minutes. During the reboot we will move to the new 20Gbis/s network. When connectivity will be restored all the servers will receive free 20TB traffic upgrade. We also reduce 1Gbps uplink, on new orders to only 14euros

We wish to emphasize that this will be the only job that will require downtime on the network, while all the other upgrades are completely transparent and we can guaranteee uptime.

The immediate effects of the upgrade will be significant, in addition to the free bandwidth upgrades and reductionction to 1Gbps upgrade costs, we will relelase new 100TB server line starting from 130 euros. New network will absorb ddos attacks ​​without creating inconvenience to customers in the same victim’s rack. The links will be redundant using etherchannel technology and the distribution switches are fully redundant (in stack configuration) and placed in different racks.

This upgrade is an important step, bringing seflow to become one of the largest player in terms of network stability, uptime and bandwidth availability.

We start maintenance on 3 December 2012, at 23.00 P.M. CEST. When switch installation will be completed we will reboot edge router that take up to 7 minutes. No other downtime is expected. We will keep you updated on the progress in our news page, see link:

Thank you for choosing SeFlow Internet Services

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