vKVM - See your boot server process

All dedicated server support vKVM:

The vKVM allows you to boot the operating system installed on the server inside a virtual machine. You can diagnose boot problems, adjust the packet filtering rules, and more without human intervention or a physical kvm.

We use KVM as virtualization platform. You can access to the system using java Web interface or simple VNC Clients.



Log into yourValhalla CP, select your server under "Server" and press the vKVM button. You will see booting process where you can enter the password to access the vKVM system(maximum 8 characters). You will had access to vCDROM to mount some rescue images

Avaiable images:

- Debian 6.03 Live

- memtest86+

- SystemRescueCD

-Rescue e HW test:(Ultimate Boot CD for hardware test)



You can access to vkvm using two methods:

- Applet Java

- VNC: please download aVNC Clientand use main IP of your server.

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