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Last Updated: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 8:45 PM

For customers who need portable IP, SeFlow offers two services: Portable IP and Portable Blocks. These allocations allow, unlike the classic allocations, to move the IP addresses on all machines in your account. Portable IP and Portable Blocks can be switched from one server to another, from a cloud to a physical server or vice versa, all in a few seconds. You can guarantee business continuity against hardware failure, overloads, scheduled maintenance.

Possible examples:

Server swap or Load Balancing:
- Your service is in server 1.
- You decide to swap to a brand new server or try hardware upgrade for overloads due.
- You buy server 2
- Add on server 2 you Portable IP or Portable Blocks with netmask as Alias interface
- Join in our customer portal and route IPs to new server.

* Please be sure to copy all data from server 1 to server 2 before proceed to rerouting

Production Server and Backup Server:
- Your service is in server 1.
- Keep data updated from server 1 to server 2 (for example with rsync) (remember to keep Portable IP or Portable Blocks configured on both server)
- You experience a downtime on server1 or you need to perform maintenance
- Join in SeFlow Customer Portal and perform a rerouting. Portable IP or Portable Blocks will be avaiable on server 2.
- Restore server 1
- You're now free to decide if keep server 1 as new backup server or rerouting ips to server 1  and restore original situation.

Portable IP

This is the most requested assignement type. Portable IP is one, or more IP address with static route to your primary server address. All assigned IPs can be used.

example with 4 portable IP: usable usable usable usable

Portable Blocks

Portable Blocks is considered to be any IP block that can be used on multiple servers within a single VLAN concurrently. We will add this new block as secondary in your vlan configuration. This solution permit you to keep routed IPs on all server in same vlan at same time. This solution is optimized to be used in a virtualized enviroment. Not all ips can be used, fr example for a 8 IP blocks, only 5 can be used. The first IP  will be network, second is the gateway and last is broadcast.

typical example ( block) : not usable: network not usable: gateway usable usable usable usable usable not usable: broadcast

IP's for VM

Virtual Machines are growing in popularity every day. This section will provide you with the information on what type of IP blocks are required to be used in a VM. Each virtual machine connected to SeFlow network require on primari IP from one Portable Blocks or Classic additional IP (not portable). This is necessary because each vm need IP address, gateway and Broadcast on same subnet IP. You can use one Portable Blocks for all VM you want

Classic example:

· - network
· - gateway
· - VPS1
· - VPS1
· - VPS2
· - VPS3
· - VPS4
· - broadcast

As shown on top, you can use 5 IPs of 8 IP blocks. The question is: "how can i add more ip in a vm if all are in use? Simply buy Portable IP and route it to primary vm IP.

Portable IP and Portable Blocks can be used with services: Dedicated Server, FastServer and eCloud.
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